AR.CO. srl deals with engineering systems design based on a complete and integrated engineering, putting at the customer’s service all the human, intellectual and technological resources of civil and industrial progress:


• Engineering systems design and consulting for civil and industrial infrastructures.

• Basic design, detail, construction and As-Built for new plants and revamping of existing plants in the industrial and civil sector.

• Feasibility-detail or executive studies. Specific tender preparation and special contract specifications. Development of graphic documents, drawings, specific riliefs for all installations and infrastructures.

• Technical support and assistance in the execution of tasks and permissions from public and private entities. Execution of civil, insurance, legal, appraisals and more.

• Administration of services for the management and maintenance of available resources, for the conservation and recovery of energy in civil, industrial, ecological systems, etc.

• In-site and testing assistance services, surveys, measurements, technical assistance during procurement and expediting phases. Starting plants, technical monitoring.

• Design and management of high efficiency electrical and thermal power generation plants and any associated urban district heating and cooling networks. Consulting and assistance: technical, administrative, managerial and organizational in the energy and environmental sectors. Development of projects for the improvement of energy efficiency through project financing and third party financing techniques.

• Design, construction and management of industrial and domestic systems for the treatment and storage of waste with particular attention to reuse, recycling and energy recovery of waste through heat treatment processes. Hire of various machinery and equipment.

• Design, organization and management of professional training activities for external staff. Specific training in all activities.