Today AR.CO. srl is a multidisciplinary Company specializing in systems engineering design. The main, areas of study, work and activity developed by its engineers are based on the following systems design:

• Fire & Gas engineering

• Automation and control engineering

• Electrical engineering

• Mechanical engineering

• Civil and industrial engineering

• Telecommunication engineering


Energy, environmental responsibility, technological innovation are the core values that since 1995 guide the actions of the technical team to all stakeholders.
Human and technological resources are the central element of all project activities: engineering at the service of energy, environment, telecommunications.


AR.CO. srl’s human resources have built up a number of skills, in more than twenty years’ experience, which enable it to deliver high added value service to all its customers and partners. The collaborations and partnerships with the leading Italian Universities ensure a continuous upgrade on all the technical issues of the areas of competence. The results achieved during its professional life are mainly due to the highly specialized human resources of the company, which represent the first added value of the same.


Indeed, AR.CO. srl has a team of engineers, experts and technical designers able to tackle and solve any specificity that can characterize any single project.
The engineering services cover a wide range of activities, which include:

• Engineering systems design in the field of national gas transport networks and of local gas distribution
• Gas compression, booster, storage and sorting engineering
• Remote Control and Telecommunication engineering
• Engineering systems design for the management and monitoring of urban solid waste incinerators
• Groundwater and wastewater treatment engineering
• Heating and Cogeneration engineering
• Energy engineering systems design from renewable sources and energy transport engineering
• Maintenance engineering aimed at conservation of assets in the respect of economic savings

AR.CO. srl deals with engineering systems design based on a complete and integrated engineering, putting at the customer’s service all the human, intellectual and technological resources of civil and industrial progress.


The company is founded on a business model that combines local roots, development and competitive ability, balancing between low-risk regulated activities and free competition services with growth prospects. A core business structured in three divisions – Energy | Environment | Telecommunications – which forms a service industry where engineers work with design and building site responsibilities.


AR.CO. srl is a company engaged in the design and implementation of innovative solutions for energy, environmental and industrial engineering. Environmental sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars of AR.CO. srl’s approach to project design and management.

The engineering staff is aware of the environmental impact of human activities and the need to adopt sustainable solutions to protect our planet, committing to developing innovative solutions that reduce the environmental impact and improve the quality of life.

The Company adopts a holistic approach to sustainability, which considers the entire life cycle of the project, from design to construction, operation and maintenance, using materials and technologies with low environmental impact, in order to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and to minimise waste.

In addition, AR.CO. srl promotes the adoption of sustainable practices among its customers and collaborators, in order to contribute to spreading the culture of environmental sustainability in the engineering sector.

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