Electrical engineering



The electric division of AR.CO. srl has reached an excellent knowhow in the High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Low voltage systems. AR.CO. srl offers services of calculation, design and assistance for the production, transformation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the industrial, public and civil sectors.




Inspections and site surveys

Check of existing electrical systems according to current Laws

AT/MT overhead power lines

AT/MT/BT electrical substations

PCC Power Control Center & MCC Motor Control Center

Electrical boards; switch selection and power line sizing

Electrical protection calculations and sizing

Power installations with line dimensioning and protection coordination

Earthing systems design

Lightning protection systems

Cathodic protection engineering systems design

Calculations and balances with dedicated softwares

Technical purchasing specifications, tender requests, evaluation and technical alignment of offers

Material Purchase Tables MTO – Material Take Off and Performance metric calculations

Economic quantification of works 

Factory testing

Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start- Up