Thermohydraulic engineering



Thermohydraulic, thermosolar, cogeneration, heating and air conditioning engineering systems design with an innovative concept, analyzing the customer’s needs and then developing, designing
and implementing the most suitable system taking care of every detail.



Inspections and site surveys

Examination of existing systems in accordance with

Ministerial Decree – D.M. 37/08 and D.Lgs.81/08

Sanitary-water and fire-safety Air conditioning and ventilation

Thermosolar systems


Technical advice on current Laws

Heating and air conditioning

Technical assistance for the choice of executing company

Recovery of rainwater

Smoke and sewer drainage

Thermal and refrigeration power-station

Gas and natural gas

Control and adjustment systems

Technical specification for supply and bid requests

Technical bid evaluation

Economic quantification of works

Assistance during system start-up stage