Fire prevention and safety



AR.CO. srl works in the field of security, providing full assistance both in the steps of adjustment to fire prevention standard law, and in terms of fire protection proof of newly constructed buildings, with built-in integrated design. Consultancy and updating on Italian and European technical & legislative standards in the field of safety and environmental protection. Our technical team uses the best Fire Safety Engineering technologies providing modern and innovative solutions.



Inspections and site surveys

Classification of dangerous areas according to current Laws

F&G Technical Data Sheets

Fire prevention project of activities subject to the control of fire brigad listed in the D.P.R. 151/2011

Technical report and drawings

Identification of the works to be carried out of normative adaptation of fire protection

Design of fire extinguishing systems

Certification of fire-resistant structures and fire-fighting systems

S.C.I.A. and relative certification of professional fire-prevention technician

Periodic renewal of fire compliance

Emergency Evacuation Plans according to D.M. 10 /03/1998

Factory testing in

Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start- Up