Process engineering

The engineering of industrial production processes is one of the specializations of AR.CO. srl . The team of engineers provides services of design, management, control and optimisation of industrial processes by integrating aspects of traditional mechanical engineering with cutting-edge computing and simulation technologies.


Inspections and site surveys

Consultancy and feasibility studies

Process Design Data Book: operating capacity of system, description of process units, environmental conditions of the site, consumption and characteristics of raw materials, consumption and characteristics of utility, PFD Process Flow Diagram

Energy balance and material balance

List of fluids with the design conditions and requirements of materials

PFD Process Flow Diagram

P&ID Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams

Sizing devices, measuring devices and safety devices

Mechanical systems specifications

System operating manual

Technical specification for supply and bid requests

Technical bid evaluation

Economic quantification of works

Supervision of construction works

Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start- Up