Civil and industrial engineering

The field of civil and industrial engineering application of AR.CO. srl is wide and comprehensive: civil and industrial buildings, railways, roads, ports, airports, bridges, galleries, works of barrage, dams, aqueducts, structures in seismic zones it also extends to all related areas: construction, geotechnic, infrastructures, hydraulic, structural, urban planning.


Engineering of civil works for industrial plants

Engineering of civil works: architecture and structure of industrial building

Inspections and site surveys

Calculation reports: reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, ect.

Analysis of the limit state of the structures

Foundation analysis and design

Permit engineering services

Supply and technical specification for bid request

Technical bid evaluation

MTO – Material Take Off

Economic quantification of works

Supervision and inspections

Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start- Up

Easement acquisition, consistency states

Technical and specialist consultancy (HS):
• Activities and obligations connected with Lgs. D. 81/08 and associated provisions;
• Health and safety in extraction industries (Lgs. D. 624/96);
• Safety at temporary and mobile sites (Title IV Legislative Decree 81/08)