AR.CO. srl headquartered in Senigallia – ITALY provides services and assistance to Clients and Partners throughout Italy and in many countries abroad.

In addition to the projects shown in this map, abroad we have performed Electrictal, instrumental, monitoring systems design and telecommunication-line systems design (P.I.L. , P.I.D.I., Traps) for GA.ME. A, GA.ME. B, GA.ME. C gas pipelines Import from Russia and Netherlands (owned by Snam Rete Gas and Transitgas). Gas gathering systems. Reduction, regulation and gas filtration systems design (owned by Snam Rete Gas).

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System design


Instrumental, monitoring and control system design. Fire detection systems design. Electroinstrumental system design for wells -recovery network ( PSV; SSV; multiphase pumps installation)

Electrical, instrumental, monitoring and automation systems design for SRG – Gas compression and storage powerstation

Bordolano (CR) Lombardia
Masera (VB) Piemonte
Minerbio (BO) Emilia Romagna
Poggio Renatico (FE) Emilia Romagna
Terranuova Bracciolini (AR) Toscana
Gallese (VT) Lazio
Melizzano (BN) Campania
Tarsia (CS) Calabria
Montesano (LE) Puglia
Messina (ME) Sicilia
Enna (EN) Sicilia

Electrical, instrumental, monitoring, automation, fire detection systems design for Adriatic LNG on-shore terminal and regasification connection pipeline

Electrictal, instrumental, monitoring and control system design for barrages groundwater and underground drainage, site in ex-Enichem areas

Sarroch (CA) Sardegna
Manfredonia (FG) Puglia
Cengio (SV) Liguria
Porto Torres (SS) Sardegna
Marghera (VE) Veneto
Priolo (SR) e altri siti

Instrumental, monitoring and control for for RSU incinerators ovens with energy recovery

Schio (VI) Veneto
Bolzano (BZ) Trentino Alto Adige
Vercelli (VC) Piemonte
Pollenza (MC) Marche

Groundwater extraction and treatment (T.A.S.) systems design

Senigallia (AN) Marche
Schio (VI) Veneto
Acerra (Na) Campania
Rho (MI) Lombardia
Genova (GE) Liguria
Porto Marghera (VE) Veneto
Monte Argentario (GR) Toscana e altri siti

Heating and cogeneration systems design

Torino (TO) Piemonte
Brescia (BS) Lombardia

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